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How to RSVP & Get Tickets for Founded in FoCo

Last updated on Jan 14, 2024

You can RSVP to be the first to know when additional 2024 event details are announced. RSVP here: https://foundedinfoco.com/rsvp/

For 2024, we're introducing ticket options for the event so we can further enhance the experience for everyone involved, including additional networking and more.

We offer three ticket levels:

  • General Admission Ticket ($20): Full access to the event.

  • Community Champion Ticket ($35): This 'Buy 1, Give 1' option not only provides you access but also sponsors another attendee. You'll be recognized with a star on your badge.

  • Pay What You Can ($0 - $20): In line with our commitment to inclusivity, this option lets you choose your price. Answer one question to qualify: What do you hope to gain from attending Founded in FoCo?

Q: Are tickets refundable? A: No, tickets are not refundable. This policy is in place to streamline logistics and planning.

Q: Can tickets be transferred? A: This depends on the technology we use for ticketing. We'll update this information as the event gets closer.

Q: Will the event be too expensive for those who can’t afford it? A: Absolutely not! Our Pay What You Can option allows anyone to register for free, with no questions asked. We believe in making Founded in FoCo accessible to all.

Q: Do speakers and presenters need to purchase tickets? A: The fee is waived for your ticket, but you do need a ticket to attend sessions and the events. Keep a close eye for information to receive your complementary ticket.