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Speed up your local development workflow with Make

Last updated on Nov 01, 2023

Speed up your local development workflow with make commands.

Clone the repo and cd to the Chatwoot directory

Clone the repository and navigate to the Chatwoot directory:

git clone https://github.com/chatwoot/chatwoot.git
cd chatwoot

Install Ruby & JavaScript dependencies

Install Ruby and JavaScript dependencies using the following command. This command runs Bundler and Yarn:

make burn

Run database migrations

Apply necessary database schema changes to your development environment by running the following command:

make db

Run dev server using Overmind

Start the development server using Overmind, a process manager that can run multiple processes concurrently:

make run

Force run if ./.overmind.sock file exists

If the make run command fails due to the existence of a ./.overmind.sock file, you can try using the following command:

make force_run

Debug - Attach to backend via Overmind tmux session

For debugging purposes, you can attach to the backend via the Overmind tmux session using the following command:

make debug

Debug worker

To debug the worker, use the following command:

make debug_worker

Get Rails console

Access the Rails console, which provides an interactive environment for interacting with the Chatwoot application:

make console

Build Docker image

Build the Docker image for the Chatwoot project:

make docker

Workflow after pulling in the latest changes from develop

To update your development environment after pulling the latest changes from the develop branch, follow these steps:

make burn     # Install dependencies

make db       # Run migrations

make run      # Start the server