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Reporting scams to Chatwoot

Last updated on Mar 11, 2024

At Chatwoot, we are aware that complaints have been received regarding companies allegedly misusing our platform for fraudulent purposes. We want to clarify that we do not endorse or permit the use of Chatwoot for any deceptive activities whatsoever. Our terms of service unambiguously disallow such misuse of our platform.

As an open-source tool, Chatwoot can customized and hosted in services which our team doesn't have access to. Hence, there is a possibility Chatwoot can be misused in ways we didn't envision, and we're aware we can't control every use. However, we're proactive about taking steps against potential misuses. Reporting such instances would help us to keep a record and we will maintain a complete fraud report to help ensure legal compliance in future.

We have a firm commitment to enforcing our terms of service, which are clearly stated and shared with all users. This applies irrespective of the user's payment status - whether they are using the free version of Chatwoot Cloud, or are premium paying customers. Any violation of these terms will be met with appropriate action to protect the integrity of our service and the safety of our user community.

Please use the form provided below to report fraud.