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How to add blog posts to Chatwoot?

Last updated on Apr 17, 2023

We use Ghost to manage our blog.

The Ghost Installation details are as follows:

Ghost powers both general blog posts and release notes in the Chatwoot marketing website.

Blog Post

To create a blog post, click on the "New Post" button on the Ghost dashboard and start writing the content.

Blog Post checklist:

  • The Post URL is readable, and does not contain hashes at the end.

  • Tag: blog is added to the post.

  • A featured image is added. See the "Upload post image" section.

Release Notes

After each release, a release note is added with screenshots/GIFs.

Release note checklist:

  • Post URL is of the format /blog/vX-X-X.

  • Tag: releases is added to the post.


Publishing Checklist

Please make sure that you have verified the following before publishing the content.

  • Check the preview of the post to make sure that there are no issues in rendering images and text.

  • Post access is made public.

  • If any image is used, make sure that the fonts used is Proxima Nova.